electric lawn equipment

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Technology is always changing and this is no exception in the landscaping industry.  Gregory Landscape Services takes advantage of the latest in battery powered technology.  Battery powered landscaping equipment offers a myriad of benefits including: – Low Noise– Low Emissions– Less Maintenance One of the main concerns with battery powered equipment is run time.  Can the… Read more »

landscape service columbia SC

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We are here to help you identify that bad advice and learn a better way to take care of your landscaping. Myth 1: You don’t need a plan for your landscapingNow this is partially true.You don’t have to have a plan for your landscaping. However, not having a plan can set you up for some… Read more »

turf management columbia sc

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What do you want your first impression of your home or your business to be? Welcoming? Well- Kept? Orderly? If so, look no further than your landscaping installation and maintenance to create that impression. Gregory Landscape Services understands that what people see when they approach your home or business sets the tone for the entire… Read more »

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Warm weather season is already upon us in South Carolina. For many homeowners, your lawn maintenance may be well under way by now. If your lawn is looking particularly patchy or tightly packed after a long, cold winter, you may need to do some aeration to restore that brilliant green just in time for summer…. Read more »

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A variety of elements influence the way the outside world views your company; one of them being your physical location. When clients and employees visit your office, what do they see? What message does your corporate campus convey? Branding is important for any and every company. The landscape design surrounding your office building will reflect… Read more »