Turf Management Program

The purpose of our turf management program is to keep grass green, beautiful and as close to weed-free as possible. Our goal is to keep the soil, from which grass feeds, as healthy as possible by increasing the microbial activity in the soil. Healthy microbial activity means the soil has an abundance of organisms, some you can see and some are microscopic. These organisms provide nutrients to the grass and other plants or flowers. We use high quality, specialized fertilizers which feed turf slowly throughout the year.

Aeration is an additional service that is highly recommended in conjunction with our Turf Management Program. This process involves perforating the soil to alleviate compaction. Soil compaction can decrease the microbial activity in the soil by not leaving enough room for organisms, water and air to circulate. Aeration also allows your soil to intake nutrients more efficiently. By aerating your lawn, nutrients will more freely flow to the grass roots and give you a much healthier yard.

Our dedicated team of landscape experts is committed to keeping your property in Blythewood, Irmo, Columbia SC, and throughout the Midlands area healthy all year long. You can easily add our Turf Management Program to a new or an existing contract. Give us a call today for more details!