Who We Serve - Full-Service Landscaping

Our primary goal is to free our clients to manage their businesses and spend time with their families while having peace of mind that their facility is attractive and welcoming to their employees and guests. We serve properties in Lexington, Irmo, Forest Acres SC, and throughout the Midlands of South Carolina.

Types of Properties We Serve

  • Retail Locations
  • Commercial/Office Buildings
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Religious Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Small Industrial Facilities
  • High-end residential


  • Visually pleasing curb appeal is inviting for potential customers/clients to come inside your store.
  • Seasonal flowers, well-maintained turf, and manicured shrubs show that you care about professionalism at your business.
  • Professional irrigation is important for the plant material and your clients. Poor irrigation practices can present wet, slippery that may be hazardous or possible overspray onto your customers/clients themselves!


  • A well-maintained landscape makes guests feel that you care about a clean property and facility.
  • Attention to detail can make any hotel feel like a luxury resort.
  • Landscaping lighting can provide safe walkways and common spaces for guests.


  • Regular landscape maintenance visits are essential to safety and sanitation by removing potential hazards within the landscape and keeping the property free of litter.
  • Properly maintained landscapes reduce the amount of disease-spreading insects and weeds that can contribute to allergen levels.
  • Clean landscapes can make patients feel like they are receiving top-quality care from a professional facility.


  • Regular mowing ad landscape maintenance creates safety by providing visibility at plants and industrial sites.
  • Herbicides can be used to keep “hard to control” areas such as gravel lots, fence lines, and lay-down yards safe and clean.
  • Seasonal flowers well-maintained turf, and manicured shrubs around your main office shows that your care about the professionalism of your business and are inviting to potential clients.

Premier Residential

  • Attractive landscapes and inviting outdoor living spaces promote a positive sense of security and serenity for our residential clients.
  • Proper irrigation is not only essential for beautiful landscapes but automated, smart irrigation gives you peace of mind that your investment will remain healthy and is efficiently cared for.
  • Large seasonal color beds at set you ahead of the pack with curb appeal and elegance!