Lawn Care Specialists in Columbia, SC 

Gregory Landscape was started in the early 1990s to service commercial clients of Columbia SC with all their landscape needs. We continue to meet each customer’s needs with our comprehensive landscape services for all sized commercial properties. Over the years, we have expanded our services to meet the many request of customers for additional services for their lawn. We have been featured in a nationally published magazine as well as being recognized as Best Landscaper in Lexington Life Magazine. Find out why property managers of retail, hospitality, HOA, healthcare and industrial services turn to Gregory Landscape as their lawn provider.

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Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance services guarantee that your property will be maintained with care to keep it looking its best. Not only will we take care of your property, but we can also provide ideas for enhancement. With our basic maintenance plan, our customers receive regularly scheduled visits, mowing, edging and trimming with clean-up for all surrounding areas, and shrub trimming. We can also prune trees up to 10 feet, as well as irrigation and landscape lighting service. Your entire lawn will be well maintained and closely monitored for any areas that need special attention during every visit!

Lawn Fertilization

In addition to our basic maintenance plan, we offer the additional service of lawn fertilization. To keep your grass healthy, we provide necessary nutrients so your grass is well fed. Our high quality, specialized fertilizers release nutrients slowly throughout the year for soil. With fertilizing done at the right time each year, we will keep your grass looking green and lush!

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is recommended to keep your property healthy. As the soil becomes compacted, there is less room for circulation to move nutrients through the soil. By perforating the soil, organisms, water and air can circulate easily through the soil. With more room to move, grass roots can become stronger for a healthier yard.

Lawn Treatment

Our lawn treatment will keep your grass green, beautiful and will control weed growth. Healthy grass is possible with the proper care and increased microbial activity in the soil. Microbial activity contains organisms that add nutrients to the grass and landscape. With the proper lawn treatment that our team will provide to meet your lawn’s needs, your lawn will stay healthy year-round.

Weed Control

Don’t let weeds distract from the beauty of your property. With our weed control services we will spray your property at the appropriate times to keep weeds away. We can provide treatments for weeds that will respond to preemergent treatment as well as for weeds that are better treated after they emerge. You’ll enjoy your lawn – weed free!