Lawn Care Blythewood SC

For over 25 years, our experienced and knowledgeable team has been providing the necessary attention to commercial properties in Blythewood SC to make them stand out above the rest! From healthcare, HOA, industrial, retail or hospitality, we understand what it takes to keep your property looking healthy and lush. As an award-winning, locally owned company we are a full-service commercial landscape maintenance service team. We understand the local environment to keep your property looking its best all year round! 

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance for large or small properties requires an understanding of how to keep the property looking its best year-round. At Gregory Landscape we have the experience, dedication and knowledge to keep your plants, shrubs, and trees healthy and lush. We can also help make suggestions on how to enhance your property.

With our basic maintenance plan, we offer regularly scheduled visits. During each visit we will provide mowing, blow driveways, parking areas and hardscapes, plant bed maintenance, leaf and debris removal, shrub and tree pruning.

In addition, we offer our full-service maintenance clients the options to add on:

  • Turf Management Program
  • Pine straw & mulch installation
  • Landscape lighting repair
  • Lawn aeration
  • Irrigation repair
  • Annual flower installation
  • Landscape enhancements


Lawn Fertilization

Our highly trained lawn technicians understand that our goal is to keep your property looking its best. Each property has its own type of soil that requires an individual and unique treatment plan.  Sometimes that also requires an extra boost to your soil to keep the grass, plants and flowers blooming and healthy. With our lawn fertilization, our specialized fertilizer will slowly realize nutrients into the soil year round. 

Lawn Aeration

In addition to our Turf Management Program, we suggest adding aeration to keep your lawn healthy. As soil becomes compacted, roots can’t receive the necessary nutrition. Be perforating the soil we are able to create space for nutrition to move freely. Roots will stay strong, and your property will keep its professional look.

Lawn Treatment

To keep your property looking its best, we start with the soil. As part of our Turf Management Program, we understand the importance of healthy soil to feed the grass and landscape. With healthy microbial activity, the soil will have an abundance of organisms that provide the necessary nutrients for grass, flowers, and plants to grow. We will provide a lawn treatment unique to your soil for maximum benefit to keep it looking its best!

Weed Control

Of all the many details we handle during each visit to your property, weed control is an important one. Keeping weeds under control is important to keep your property looking professional and well-maintained all year-round. As experienced and highly trained lawn experts, we understand the importance of timing the treatment applications for the best weed control. We will treat for pre-emergent and emergent weeds leaving you a lawn to envy!