Expert Lawn Care in Irmo, SC 

Since the early 1990s, Gregory Landscape has been providing quality care and solutions for commercial properties of Irmo SC. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In fact, that’s why we’ve expanded our services to meet the requests of our customers! We have been featured in a nationally published magazine as well as being recognized as Best Landscaper in Lexington Life Magazine. We work hard every day to maintain our reputation for quality, prompt, and proactive services that we provide to more than 200 commercial properties. 

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Lawn Maintenance

We understand the importance a first impression can mean for your property. With our maintenance plan, we keep your property looking professional and well-kept. With regularly scheduled visits we will ensure your property is professionally mowed, edged, trimmed and clean all surrounding driveways, parking areas and hardscapes. In addition, we will remove debris, trim shrubs, and trees up to 10 feet, and handle your irrigation and outdoor lighting upkeep. We offer a variety of additional services as needed such as repairs and installation of plants and mulch.

Lawn Fertilization

For a healthy and vibrant property, our experienced team understands that your soil needs the right amount of nutrients. Most soils, however, are missing vital nutrients. With our lawn fertilization treatments, we can add the necessary nutrients to keep your grass looking lush. Lawn care is required year-round. That’s why our specially formulated fertilizer releases slowly throughout the year.

Lawn Aeration

When soil becomes compacted, nutrients can’t move freely to keep grass healthy. With aeration we are able to reduce the amount of compaction by perforating the soil. With the addition of space, organisms, water and air can move freely where needed so grass roots can absorb the nutrition. The results are a stronger healthier landscape and fresh growth.

Lawn Treatment

Our turf management program provides the necessary nutrients and microbial activity to your soil to keep the grass green, and plants and flowers vibrant as well. Increasing microbial activity in the soil increases the organism that provide these nutrients. This increased activity and nutrients are reflected in the green grass and beauty of your property.

Weed Control

During our maintenance visits, our team of professionals will inspect your property for the appearance of weeds. Our weed control services will provide treatments to keep them under control. Our eye for details will determine if treatment is needed and the proper timing for treatment to stop pre-emergent and emergent weeds. We will keep your property looking professional and weed free!