Lawn Care Experts in Lexington, SC

As a locally owned and operated company, Gregory Landscape provides full-service commercial landscape maintenance programs, turf care, irrigation, and landscape design & installation for commercial properties in Lexington SC. For over 25 years we have provided landscape enhancements and professional lawn service and always with superior customer service that our clients have come to expect. We service over 200 commercial properties in various services including hospitality, retail, healthcare, HOA and industrial. With our experience we will keep your property looking healthy and lush year-round.

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Lawn Fertilization

Most soil requires additional nutrients to keep it healthy for successful growth of grass. Our team of professionals will analyze the soil on your property to determine any nutrients that may be lacking. We will keep your lawn healthy with the addition of any missing nutrients using our specialized fertilization treatments to feed your grass slowly throughout the year.

Lawn Aeration

As soil becomes compacted, nutrients, water and air can no longer move freely to provide nutrients throughout the soil. By aerating the soil, we provide perforations to alleviate compacted areas. Once there is more room, nutrients can move freely for stronger grass roots. The benefit is a lush and healthy yard!

Lawn Treatment

Your property is unique and requires a specialized treatment plan to meet its needs. Our experienced team will provide the treatment your soil requires to keep the grass and landscape healthy. With the addition of the correct microbial organisms to your soil, grass, flowers and plants will feed off of healthy soil. Not only will your landscape benefit from healthy feeding but you’ll benefit from the beauty of your property!

Weed Control

Weed control can take time and experience. For our customers, we provide both. With our knowledge and experience with weed control, we understand the right timing for treatment depends on the type of weed. We offer service for pre-emergent treatments and emergent treatment, so weeds won’t distract from the beauty of your property.

Lawn Maintenance

Our professional lawn maintenance services will keep your property looking well-kept, lush and professional. During our regularly scheduled visits, we will provide mowing, leaf and debris removal, shrub trimming, plant bed maintenance, and monitoring and adjustments to landscape lighting as needed. In addition, we can also monitor and adjust irrigation along with spring start-up and winterization.  From the first contact with Gregory Landscape, you will have peace of mind knowing your property will be professionally maintained.