Turf Care Program

Our turf care program was created with the purpose of keeping your lawn healthy, vibrant, and as weed-free as possible. We treat your lawn starting with the soil, the plant roots, the grass and on up. You can't have a thriving lawn without making sure each part is treated and preforming at its best. We've spent years perfecting our program and making sure we have the right people in place in our Turf Division to manage each client's lawn as if it were their own. For a free estimate for your lawn click here.

Program Details

  • Customized Fertilization - Two to three balanced slow release, high quality fertilization treatments per year
  • Weed Control Management - Two to three Pre & Post Emergent Treatments which are time selective based on your lawn's needs
  • Root Health - Enhance root strength with micronutrients and minerals

Value Added Services

Core Aeration

Vital in maintaining proper levels of oxygen, water & nutrients in the soil

Soil Sample & Analysis

A key component of turf health, as it helps manage the nutritional values in the foundation of your lawn

Disease Prevention

Lawn diseases can occur even in healthy turf so it's best to treat your lawn regularly with preventatives like fungicides & fertilizers

Turf Insect Control

If your lawn is overrun with insects like ants or lawn grubs, an insecticide treatment is highly recommended

Mole Management

Mole hills and tunnels can do significant damage to your lawn, creating tripping hazards and leaving grass roots exposed, which can kill the grass

Mosquito Treatments

We offer regularly scheduled mosquito treatments for the entire property, not just the turf