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Warm weather season is already upon us in South Carolina. For many homeowners, your lawn maintenance may be well under way by now. If your lawn is looking particularly patchy or tightly packed after a long, cold winter, you may need to do some aeration to restore that brilliant green just in time for summer.

Soil gets compacted over time by the pressure of lots of walking on the ground. When soil gets compacted, the roots struggle to grow and reach through the soil, and water has a difficult time penetrating beyond the surface. As a result, these lawns end up with various patches of browning or dead grass, because the roots cannot grow or receive water.

Aeration is the process by which spikes or cores are driven into the ground in order to drudge up the submerged and compacted soil. This helps introduce fresh air to the soil, and helps water access the roots more easily. A typical aeration only takes a couple of hours, and will initially leave small dirt cores in your yard, but don’t worry – these cores will disintegrate when you complete the dethatching process.

If your grass is looking a little brown, dull, or could simply use a refresh, aerating is a great place to start. Using these techniques will breathe new life into your lawn and help it grow healthy and green. These aren’t processes you should try to do yourself, so make sure you call in the experts at Gregory Landscape Services to take care of it for you. We’ll get your yard looking brilliant again in no time. Call today for an estimate!