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Learning Hats On

At Gregory Landscape Services we are always seeking to improve. The landscape industry continues to grow and develop and we are determined to stay on the cutting edge. This week we had the opportunity to do just that with training from our partners SiteOne Landscape Supply.

SiteOne provided free training on the latest irrigation products and methodology. Irrigation is an integral part to any landscape plan. It provides the water needed to maintain lawns, flowers, shrubs and trees, especially during times of drought or extreme heat. A proper irrigation system can save you time and money by watering more efficiently than manually watering.

After the initial set up cost, there isn’t much required to maintain a properly installed irrigation system. They are designed to last for many years and can be adjusted as your needs change.

If you would like information on how an irrigation system could benefit your landscaping, talk to the experts at Gregory Landscape Services! Thank you again SiteOne Landscape Supply for helping out with the training sessions. #landscapeservices #landscaping #landscapedesign #landscapeinstallation #turfmanagement #irrigation #landscapelighting #landscapelightingdesign