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Promoting Root Health

At Gregory Landscape service our turf care program focuses on all aspects of plant growth and development including soil conditions and root health.Roots are a fundamental part of plant health. Root systems account for a majority of a plant’s dry weight and control many important functions. Most if not all plant disorders stem from poor root health.

Roots are necessary for several important reasons: – They anchor and support the plant as it grows- They reduce soil erosion in the growing area- They absorb and move water and nutrients through the plant- They help the plant endure difficult weather conditions such as extreme heat or drought- They protect the plant from pests and diseaseWith all of those critical functions, roots should be the focus of any plant care program. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked and their importance is misunderstood.

Cultivating a healthy root system involves aeration, watering, overseeding and fertilization. Understanding your soil health and providing proper air and water access are important steps toward healthy roots. A year-round turf management program is necessary to understand what is happening with your root health.

Different grass types have different root systems. They can vary in size, depth and system development. Some grow more deeply, and some are shallow. Deeper root systems can better access available water and nutrients.

Understanding the type of grass, you have and what its root system requires is an important part of Gregory Landscape Services’ experience and skill.Contact the professionals at Gregory Landscape Services to have your turf root system examined and learn about potential areas of improvement.