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A variety of elements influence the way the outside world views your company; one of them being your physical location. When clients and employees visit your office, what do they see? What message does your corporate campus convey?

Branding is important for any and every company. The landscape design surrounding your office building will reflect who you are as a company even before a potential client or future employee steps foot inside. The state of your landscape effects people’s perception of your company.

First Impressions

You probably know the saying “you never get a second chance at a first impression.” Some say that first impressions are often wrong because they are based on shallow assumptions that only take appearances into consideration. Being judged on appearance is exactly the objective you’re targeting by investing in a professional landscaper to design and/or maintain your corporate landscape.

What image of your company do you want to present to the world?

For businesses, first impressions are inevitable and must be taken advantage of in every form. Your corporate campus is the first and last thing a potential client or employee will see of your physical location. When a potential client or future employee is visiting your place of business, there is no guarantee that they will return.

Mitigates Risks

A well-maintained landscape improves the safety of employees and anyone walking around on your company’s property. Professional landscape ensures immediate safety hazards, like dead or damaged trees, are removed and small inconveniences, such as overgrowth, are trimmed back. Keeping your employees safe is simply the right thing to do. Plus, workplace safety in all forms will forever be a good look on any business.

Increases Work Productivity

One’s environment directly affects their productivity. Each year, the emphasis on building a healthier work environment grows, so office workers can be pulled from the mundane world of four walls and a computer screen. You see this in modern corporate landscape designs where there is a designated space created for outdoor meetings or a tranquil pathway to encourage employees to move about mid-day.

The fresh and energizing atmosphere of mother nature will boost creativity and positivity among employees. Happier employees tend to put more into their work in addition to staying with the company longer.

Your landscape design has the power to say what your company stands for without uttering a single word. A thoughtfully designed corporate campus will communicate how much the company cares about its employees and the space they work in. Contact Gregory Landscape Services to discuss how we have helped businesses transform their work environment!