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watering a lawn

Sustainable Watering Practices

As the weather continues to warm, it is important to keep your lawn and landscaping well watered – but this doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget on monthly watering bills.

There are ways to take advantage of natural water resources and harvesting to help offset the cost of keeping your landscaping looking its best.

With any type of watering system it is important to keep in mind several key points:

– always water at the root of the plant- water in the morning when evaporation is less likely to take the bulk of the moisture
– use timers and sensors on your irrigation system to improve water distribution

Choosing native or drought resistant plants is a good option to incorporate into your landscaping where possible. They are typically lower maintenance and more adapted to the local climate.

Add compost and mulch to your plant beds. Compost will keep the water at the roots of the plants and mulch will decrease moisture loss to evaporation.

With any irrigation system it is a good idea to water less frequently but more deeply. This encourages a deeper root system and ultimately healthier plants that are able to withstand periods of drought.

Capturing rainwater in rain barrels is a great way of incorporating natural resources into your irrigation plans. Combined with drip irrigation systems, it is possible to use 20-50% less water than traditional sprinkler systems.

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