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Landscape Design Columbia SC


You work hard to maintain a beautiful thick and green lawn, but those weeds just keep coming back.  How do you finally get rid of all the weeds in your South Carolina lawn? Your first step should be getting rid of the invading grasses and perennials to halt the cycle, as the fight to keep weeds out of your lawn is a year round effort. Managing weeds will take more than a consistent mowing schedule and product application. Herbicides are a large part of the battle; however it’s essential to hire a professional weed control company because of their experience and access to the proper products and equipment. We’ve come to find that most homeowners end up causing more damage to their property when trying to manage weeds on their own!

One of the best methods of weed control is proper management practices. It’s vital to choose proper turf grass for a particular area. For example, Zoysia Grass is great for our area of South Carolina because its heat and cold tolerance allow it to flourish in this region where many grasses fail. The pros at Gregory Landscape Services will work with you to determine the best selection for your property! Aeration is an additional service we provide which helps alleviate soil compaction leaving room for water and air to circulate.

Additionally, proper fertilization, mowing, and watering are essential to produce a lawn that can prevent a weed infestation. If your turf is mowed too frequently, or under fertilized, your turf can become weakened which invites a weed population. Your grass also needs a consistent source of water, especially in the summer months. It is best to water early in the morning before the hottest parts of the day. You do not need to water your grass everyday – we recommend watering about every 3 days, however water for longer so it can soak deep into the ground.

At Gregory Landscape Services, we offer a turf management program to keep grass green, beautiful and as close to weed-free as possible all year round. Give us a call today to discuss for more details!