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Spring and summer can be stormy times of year from typical seasonal thunderstorms to occasional inbound hurricanes. Wind and rain can cause damage to your landscaping, especially more vulnerable plants such as vegetables or flowers. Here are a few simple ways you can protect your smaller plants from the elements.

Cover Your Plants
Covering your plants can protect them from high wind damage. With enough notice you can get outside and cover plants with pots, buckets or bowls. Make sure to weigh down the items with brick or block to keep them from blowing away.

Mulch the Roots
Keeping a thick layer of mulch around the base of your plants can protect the roots from a heavy downpour and prevent erosion. Be sure to keep the mulch away from the stalk of the plant to avoid causing disease.

Tie Your Trees
Newly planted trees need lots of support especially during storms. Stake them down to ensure the high winds don’t blow them over. Use 2-3 foot long stakes pounded in the ground about 20 inches from the base of the tree.For existing trees, prune back any diseased or dead branches to keep them from snapping in storms and become dangerous projectiles.

Move Inside
When possible, bring your vulnerable plants indoors during a major weather event. This includes container or hanging plants. Be sure to keep them away from extreme temperatures and continue to water well.

Wrap With Fabric
Larger plants or shrubs can be wrapped with a strong fabric or burlap to help them withstand strong winds. Create a frame with garden stakes around your plants and tie the fabric on with twine. Or cover and weigh down with bricks or rocks.

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