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Creating Privacy Through Landscaping

Many people desire to create an oasis in their backyard where they can enjoy the outdoors and expand their living space outside. Oftentimes in neighborhood settings it can be difficult to create a private oasis with neighbors on both sides and behind. No matter where your home is located it is possible to add privacy to your yard through some landscaping techniques that we will explore here.

Start Small

Don’t feel like you have to create a completely private backyard all at once. Choose one area to start with and begin developing some privacy there. It may be a sitting area, outdoor kitchen or water feature. Focus on adding elements of privacy to one area of your yard and expand as you can.

Make Use of Plants

We all know that trees can add much needed privacy but buying a large tree is expensive and smaller trees take years to mature. While you are waiting on those trees to grow, consider ornamental grasses or shrubs that can add privacy in less amount of time. Talk with your landscaper about what varieties are best for your area.

Hang Curtains Outside

For more structured areas like patios or covered porches consider hanging outdoor curtains that can be pulled back when not in use. Add in some decorative signs or window panels and you can add interesting design elements and privacy at the same time.

Add Shade and Privacy

For areas that are exposed to the sun as well as neighbors, consider adding a shade sail that will create an area of UV protection and privacy. This can also be done with a canopy set up to be permanent or retractable.

Grow a Fence

If your fence has seen better days and is in need of a refresh, plant climbing flowers or bushes to fill out your existing boundaries and add some color. Examples of climbing plants include: Wisteria, Climbing Roses or Hydrangeas, Jasmine or Morning Glory.

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