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More About Soil

Soil is such an important part of your landscaping it deserves a little more explanation. Without the foundation of healthy soil your efforts into purchasing and planting trees or shrubs could be wasted.

Soil is made up of three parts: topsoil, subsoil and bedrock.

Topsoil is the topmost layer, composed of the highest amount of decomposed organic matter. Most plants grow in the topsoil layer which typically extends 12-20 inches.

Subsoil is the next layer which is typically harder and more difficult to dig into. It has a different color and texture than the top layer and usually contains fewer nutrients.

Bedrock is the stony layer at the bottom of the soil grid. It cannot be worked.

The landscape experts at Gregory Landscape Services can determine if your topsoil layer is too small and needs to be increased for the health of your landscaping.

The pH level of your soil is an important value to understand especially when choosing which plants to purchase. You can’t change the pH level of your soil but knowing what it is will help you work within those natural parameters.
Soil is either acidic or alkaline. The ideal pH is between 6-7.5 Less than 7 is considered acidic and above is considered alkaline. Some plants such as blueberries or rhododendrons prefer acidic soil.

If a plant you have your heart set on doesn’t do well in your particular type of soil remember that it might be appropriate to grow in a container – so don’t give up!

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