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Creating your ideal outdoor space is a personal decision that takes into account the needs and wants of your family. However, there are certain trends noticed by landscaping experts that seem to have been embraced by the country as a whole. Some of this has been shaped by the pandemic of the last two years, some by a desire to improve the environment and some just as a way to slow down and enjoy the great outdoors.

Trend #1 Edible Gardening
During the pandemic many families tried their hand at edible gardening in the form of vegetable gardens, herb gardens or raised beds. This trend seems to only be growing stronger as food prices surge and people look for ways to cut back on costs. Growing your own food also allows you to focus on more organic options and to experiment with local varietiety.

Trend #2 Native Plants
Homeowners seem to understand the benefits of choosing native plants in their landscaping. Native plants attract local pollinators and support wildlife. They are also more likely to grow well based on their acclimation to the local weather and soil conditions. Landscapers are finding new ways to incorporate native plants into their designs.

Trend #3 Jewel Tones
Landscapers are seeing a preference for dramatic colors such as purple, red, orange and magenta. These colors can be found in flowers and flowering shrubs. Dark foliage planted around the flowers increases the dramatic appeal of the rich colors.

Trend #4 Pet Friendly Spaces
During the pandemic, pet adoptions increased exponentially. Homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate their new pets’ need for outdoor space into their landscaping plan. This includes additional fencing, dog or cat runs, and grass alternatives such as cover plants or mulch.

Trend #5 Living Outdoors
Creating living spaces outdoors remains extremely popular. This may look like an outdoor kitchen, cozy fireplace, or even an outdoor living room designed for open skies and privacy. Spaces for entertaining guests and pools remain top trends in outdoor landscape design.

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