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Incorporating a Greenhouse

Adding a greenhouse to the overall landscape plan of your yard creates functional and physical appeal. It can protect your plants from weather extremes and extend your growing season.

Greenhouses can be as basic or elaborate as you would like. Choose a design that works for the space and style you have to work with. Greenhouses are not just limited to large areas. Lean-to greenhouses can even incorporate part of an unused wall. Greenhouses are heated or unheated. Even unheated greenhouses can go a long way to protect plants and will warm up quickly in spring and autumn.

Choose a site for your greenhouse that will maximize sunlight and warmth. This typically means in and east to west position to make the most of the winter sun. The ground needs to be flat and level to prevent any undue stress on the frame or glass. Avoid very windy areas or where there is much shade.

Ventilation is an essential part of the use of a greenhouse. It will avoid damp, stale air and if heated, allow fumes to escape. In the summer, doors and windows will allow too much heat from building up.

There are many ways to run a greenhouse efficiently, from watering systems to gas heating. It all depends on how much time you have to devote to your greenhouse plants or how much needs to be automated.

Regular maintenance is required to keep pests and disease from flourishing in greenhouse created conditions. Be vigilant when looking for disease in young plants and removing any debris or affected soil.

No matter what your goals are for a greenhouse, it can be an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors for many more months. The experts at Gregory Landscape Services can help you review your property and choose the best place for a greenhouse. Contact them today! #landscapeservices #landscaping #landscapedesign #landscapeinstallation #turfmanagement #irrigation #landscapelighting #landscapelightingdesign