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Fall Maintenance – Dealing with Leaves

This time of year the changing leaves bring leaf peepers out in droves. Everyone wants to see the red, orange and yellow foliage. And while the leaves are a beautiful sight to behold, they can also create quite the mess for your property as they fall off the trees.

You may be tempted to ignore the leaves and hope they blow away with a winter storm but this can be detrimental to your yard. Leaves covering the grass don’t allow for adequate sunshine to get in and create a breeding ground for disease, mold and pests. It is okay to wait until most of the leaves have fallen but then it’s time to take action.

There are several ways to deal with leaves in your yard. The old fashioned method of raking is always an option. Just choose a rake that’s tall enough to be comfortable and light enough to make easy work of the job.

Another option is mowing the leaves. Some mowers have mulching options that shred the leaves. Even if your mower does not have a designated mulching mechanism you can still mow over the leaves with your blade set to the highest setting. Shredded leaves will break down over the winter and provide additional nutrients to the soil. Blowers are another good way to get rid of leaves quickly.

Raked leaves can be added to a compost pile as brown or organic material. Brown material is necessary to balance out the green material in a compost pile that comes from food scraps.

Don’t neglect your roof! Leaves on the roof can trap water and lead to roof damage. Gutter guards are another good way to prevent leaf build up at your home.

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