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Irrigation Installation Irmo SC

Now that the grass is dormant and summer flowers are gone what should you do to keep your landscape in tip-top shape? Fall and winter are actually the perfect time of the year in South Carolina to refresh your landscape. Here are some of our General Manager’s top to-do’s for Fall:

1. Heavy Pruning

This is a safer time of year to be more aggressive about cutting back overgrown plant material like limbing up tree canopies and cutting back dormant perennial plant material. Many times, heavy pruning can give you a sense of renewed admiration for your landscape without having to replace it all!

2. Pine Straw/Mulch

In addition to keeping your landscape beds looking fresh, pine straw and mulch provides protection for plant material from harsh winter conditions.

3. Landscape Installation or Renovations

Fall is a great time of year for landscape projects we’re all too busy to complete during Summer. It’s a great time to tackle the unsightly or unusable areas in your landscape that could use some updating. This could mean installing or replacing sod, plant material and landscape lighting. You could also convert existing landscape lights to more efficient LED systems.

4. Hardscape Projects

Outdoor living spaces are a must in the South and everyone loves an outdoor patio or fire pit! Although fire pits cannot be utilized all year, we have some great ideas for water feature/fire pit combos that will keep your space relevant all year.

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your landscape and plan renovations, upgrades and/or new installations for your Columbia commercial property. Click here for a free estimate.