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Enjoying Roses

Roses are often the jewel of a flower garden. Their color, shape and scent make them a much desired plant for any landscaping plan.

The best time to plant roses is in the early autumn when the soil is still warm. The warm soil will allow the plant to get established before the winter temperatures arrive.

Think about where you want to plant your roses when choosing which type is best for your yard. Some roses climb and are perfect for gazebos or fences, others can be grown in containers. Roses grown in containers can be purchased and set outside at any time of year but try to avoid extreme temperatures. Most roses prefer full sun but some tolerate partial shade.

Know what type of soil you have before you plant. Roses need rich soil so if you have mostly clay or sandy soil be sure to incorporate some organic matter or compost into the ground before you plant.

To keep your roses happy and healthy, make sure weeds are kept far away to reduce competition for water and nutrients. Roses benefit from consistent watering and occasional fertilizing. If you are planting more than one rose bush be sure to check the specifications on spacing so the plants are not overcrowded.

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