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What factors should you consider when planning an overall look for your landscape? There are many! It’s important to think about the function behind your landscaping, your personal style, your budget and how long you want the project to take. Working with a professional landscaper will help make your dreams for your property a reality. It’s okay to come to a landscaper with only a few ideas to work with but if you want to go a step further here are some ways you can think about your landscape plan.

Creating a Sense of Place
Your landscaping should all work together to create a sense of place in your yard. A welcoming place for entertaining, a private space for intimate family gatherings, or a place for active gardening. Think about what kind of place you want your landscaping to create.

Garden Style
Think about whether you want your landscaping to be more formal or informal. Family friendly or intricate and involved. Try to keep your style choices cohesive instead of pieced together in order to create an overarching theme of the landscaping.

Landscapers have an eye for scale and can help you keep your design proportionate with the natural surroundings. Out of scale trees, shrubs or hardscapes can make the yard feel unfinished.

Think about the flow of your landscaping and where guests should walk, sit or dine. Understand the terrain and where paths may need to be added or resting places created.

Focal Points
Create areas for the eye to be drawn to. This can be done with water features, statues, flowering shrubs or vegetable gardens. Focal points can add purpose and a sense of meaning to a landscape plan.

Today’s technology allows you to easily create a dream landscape plan using apps full of images and ideas. By keeping the elements discussed above in mind you can give your plan some direction and focus. Gregory Landscape Services can take your ideas and begin to formulate a vision that fits within your current space and budget. Contact them today to begin the process! #landscapeservices #landscaping #landscapedesign #landscapeinstallation #turfmanagement #irrigation #landscapelighting #landscapelightingdesign