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Be Choosy About Choosing Plants

Working with a reputable landscape company such as Gregory Landscape Services allows you to work with a partner who understands the form and function of the plants. Choosing the right plants will make a huge impact on the overall look of your property. It is important to evaluate plants based on what they can offer the entirety of your landscape plan.

There are several different types of plants, structural, architectural, sensory, ground cover and seasonal.
Structural Plants – Trees and larger shrubs that give structure to the property through vertical height and by providing privacy.

Architectural Plants – Statement making plants that draw the eye and punctuate the design. Should be used sparingly.

Sensory Plants – Plants that offer sensory experiences in smell, touch or sound. This includes textured plants or highly scented flowers and plants that move in the wind.

Ground Cover Plants – These plants cover bare patches and fill in around other plants. They help in keeping weeds at bay and providing a compliment to more bold or statement plants.

Seasonal Plants – Annuals and perennials that bloom at different times of the year and can bring a seasonal rhythm to your landscaping. This includes flowers, shrubs or trees.

Other factors to consider when choosing plants for your yard are complimentary colors, a variety of textures in flower, bark or grass, and plant height.

If this seems overwhelming don’t be discouraged! Talk with the experts at Gregory Landscape Services. Their education and experience make them the perfect source of knowledge on choosing and maintaining the right kinds of plants. #landscapeservices #landscaping #landscapedesign #landscapeinstallation #turfmanagement #irrigation #landscapelighting #landscapelightingdesign